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Q. Why does my cart not include the postage amount for my order?

A. Each order is packed separately as there is no standard box size for each individual order. Postage will be calculated and added to each order as it is processed. Please wait for the reply email to advise you how much postage is BEFORE paying for your order.

Q. Can I get a shadehouse delivered to Sydney?

A. Unfortunately we cannot deliver shadehouses or kits to Sydney. Our delivery area is limited to a 150km radius from the nursery in Thornlands 4164 (EXCLUDING ALL BAY ISLANDS). Delivery is additional to all shadehouse, kits and galvanised products. Please call for a delivery quote to your area. 


Orchid FAQ

Q.   How often do we have to water our Orchids ?

A. Orchids are epiphytic and should only be watered when they need it, try to maintain an even pot weight. Not too wet & not too dry. A little on the dry side through Winter is always a safe practice, See more watering details in our “Orchid Tips” page !

Q.   Do we have to Fertilize our Orchids ?

A. Absolutely ! We need to maintain health and vigor of our plants especially during their growth stage. Some types of Orchids need different needs at different times, but they all need feeding, from both filtered UV light from the Sun and nutritional fertilizers on a regular basis. See more about Fertilizing in our “Orchid Tips” page !

Q.   Can we grow our Orchids in the Garden ?

A. Most Orchids can be grown successfully in and around the garden providing there is sufficient UV light from the Sun. Not full Sun though ! Dappled of Filtered Sunlight is ideal for Orchids.
And sufficient drainage. Orchids are epiphytic and will not tolerate being planted in soil in the ground. Plants grown in hollow logs or in and around rocks in a treated Bark media is just fine.
See more about growing Orchids in our “Orchid Tips” page !

Q.  Do we Water first ? or do we Fertilize first ?

When using a Liquid Fertilizer, we should Fertilize our Orchids before we water them.
Think of an Orchid being like a sponge, when you apply a liquid to a sponge, it absorbs only as much as it can hold. So if you were to water first there wouldn’t be any room for the Fertilizer.